Mitchell Douglas

“Mitchell Douglas is a Country-Folk singer/songwriter born and raised in the heart of the Bluegrass Music Capital; Owensboro, Kentucky. After years of songwriting, he decided to release his first single, Time Flies in February of 2021. During the 2021 Summer, he spent his time working on his first album, a ten record project, “Easier Said Than Done” that released on Christmas Eve of 2021. 

 Since the start of 2023 Douglas has played over 60 shows all throughout the southeast in numerous states; primarily throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. He has played alongside the likes of multi award winning songwriter Mark Irwin at the famous Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, as well as opening for the newest viral top country charting band Ole 60. 

Douglas’s hometown and family has played a huge role in his current success, and attributes much of his love for music to the deep roots of music and culture in Kentucky. Between traveling and playing for live audiences, Douglas has written dozens of unreleased originals that he is planning to having produced in Nashville, TN. With sights set to release new music this year, Douglas has prioritized moving forward with live shows set to engage his audience as much as possible throughout the region. 

 Make sure to stay updated on all live shows, events, and updates through his social media:

•Facebook: •Instagram: @mitchelldouglasofficial •TikTok: @mitchell_douglas

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