and Community

June 10th
all down Griffith Ave.
Owensboro, KY

What's PorchFest?

Porchfest is an exciting event that brings 10,000 members of our community together for a day of fun and music. It's a celebration of local talent, showcasing local musicians playing on the porches of houses in the Griffith Avenue neighborhood. Each stage features numerous acts playing their own unique music, from rock to jazz to folk.

Neighbors come out to listen to the live music and meet new people in their community. Porchfests are a great opportunity for musicians to perform and for people to mingle with their neighbors. So grab your lawn chairs, come out. and enjoy the music!

+ 37 More Artists
Funky Luck (Headliner!)
Dakota Hayden
Cynthia Murray
No Limits
Dad Joke

What's The Line-Up?

Stage A
SPONSOR: Greenwell Chisholm

3:00 PM: Rack ‘em Leon

5:00 PM: Lucas Tex

7:00 PM: Soul N The Pocket

Stage B

4:00 PM: Olivia Frances

6:00 PM: The BurmaShaver(s)

8:00 PM: Tyler Hood

Stage C
SPONSOR: RE/MAX Professional Realty Group

3:00 PM: Johnathan Fuqua

5:00 PM: Matt Morris & Logan Boarman

7:00 PM: Dad Joke

Stage D
SPONSOR: Dahl & Groezinger

4:00 PM: Between the Frets

6:00 PM: Brian Hart

8:00 PM: Dallas Stump

Stage E
SPONSOR: Mitzi Autry Portable Toilets

4:00 PM: EV Mae

6:00 PM: Chris Abell

8:00 PM: Dakota Hayden

Stage F
SPONSOR: Don Moore

3:00 PM: Emma Grace Brown

5:00 PM: The Bonez and Arrows

7:00 PM: Colt Graves

Stage G
SPONSOR: Owensboro Grain/Cargill

4:00 PM: Lucy Jagoe Chaney and Emmie Kate Williams

6:00 PM: Scarlett Call

8:00 PM: Dan Hall

Stage H
SPONSOR: Carpet One

3:00 PM: Dusty Bo

5:00 PM: No Limits

7:00 PM: Nicole Boggs & the Reel

9:00 PM: Funky Luck

Stage I
SPONSOR: Sun Windows

4:00 PM: Freddie Bourne

6:00 PM: Paul Montgomery

8:00 PM: Cynthia Murray & Stephen Horning

Stage J
SPONSOR: Holston Gases

3:00 PM: Jeremy Marshall and a Caravan of Fools

5:00 PM: Mitchell Douglas

7:00 PM: Anthony Mossburg

Stage K
SPONSOR: Weedman/Mosquito Joe/Turf Bot/Evergreen Lawncare

4:00 PM: Elliot Tines

6:00 PM: Lily Hoffman

8:00 PM: Cam Thompson

Stage L
SPONSOR: April Rose, Realtor

3:00 PM: Krown

5:00 PM: Nick Cheek and the Golden Hour

7:00 PM: Ariel & the High Wheels

Stage M
SPONSOR: Furniture Warehouse

4:00 PM: Tailgate

6:00 PM: Rock Rehab

8:00 PM: Rubbing Alcoholics

Stage N
SPONSOR: Oddball Creative

4:00 PM: Madeline Wilkerson

6:00 PM: Seth Thomas

8:00 PM: Happiness Jones

Stage O
SPONSOR: Beaver Dam Ampitheater

3:00 PM: Matthew Hale & the Sorrowed Sons

5:00 PM: 2 Miles Back

7:00 PM: Crashing Napster

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What's The Deets?

We can't wait to see you! As we get closer to the event we will share more information on our Facebook page.

For right now, just make sure you mark June 10th, 2023 in your calendar and start inviting your friends to join you!

Food Trucks

Watching the best talent in the Tri-state can make ya hungry! We have expanded our food truck options due to an increased demand:

  • Libertalia Coffee Co
  • Kona Ice
  • Ben's Soft Pretzels
  • Sweet Temptations by Victoria
  • Doozie Doez
  • Acropolis Express
  • Taqueria La Bendición De Dios
  • Slick Back BBQ
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Curbside Kitchenette
  • Squeeze-E's Lemonade
  • J's Good Grub
  • Lure Smoke Shack
  • Trappin' Chick'n
  • Gramps Coffee & Donuts
  • Twist Truck
  • Price Ice Baby
  • B's Funnel Cakes

Event Map

Frequently Asked Questions

PorchFest is always free for the community thanks to our sponsors! We do ask that you tip the artists on stage if you want to support them!

If you're planning to attend PorchFest, you'll need to make sure that you have the right items with you. Here's a list of some of the essentials: Sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from UV rays, comfortable walking shoes for traversing between porches, a collapsible chair or picnic blanket for sitting in front of your favorite acts, water bottles to stay hydrated, some cash to tip the artists, and snacks if you are going to be out all day! We will have several food trucks available too with delicious local food! Keep in mind, we DO allow coolers but PorchFest is an alcohol-free event.

With these items in tow, you're sure to have an amazing time at PorchFest!

  1. Be respectful
  2. Clean up after yourself
  3. PorchFest OBKY is an alcohol-free event
  4. Act like your grandmama is watching you (she might be there too)

This is a popular event, so be prepared to do a little walkin’! We have parking lots available for public use as seen on the map below, as well as street parking that is available on the surrounding streets.

Yes! We have several high-quality food vendors attending this years’ PorchFest!

Libertalia Coffee Co, Kona Ice, Ben's Soft Pretzels, Sweet Temptations by Victoria, Doozie Doez, Acropolis Express, Taqueria La Bendición De Dios, Slick Back BBQ, Cold Stone Creamery, Curbside Kitchenette, Squeeze-E's Lemonade, J's Good Grub, Lure Smoke Shack, Trappin' Chick'n, Gramps Coffee & Donuts, Twist Truck, Price Ice Baby, B's Funnel Cakes

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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PorchFest is an alcohol-free event.