The BurmaShaver(s)

The BurmaShaver(s): An “Original new-wave Acoustic eccentric Americana folk-music Duo." established in 2019....through the marriage of the diverse musical styling of Southern Indiana's Lonesome Steve Fowler & Southern Illinois’ Jerry Wilson.

Layered both musically and lyrically The BurmaShaver(s) muse on life’s complexities and eccentricities, accompanied by the familiar, friendly feel of acoustic guitars and a felt musical camaraderie.

Through their songs (they’ve released six albums to date) the duo share their window to the world when a two-lane road was a super highway. Capturing the grace of folk music, they drain art and song of any pretense and instead, let lyrics bud out of what is real and raw -fun and formative. It’s like pulling up a chair in a corner coffee shop and walking out with new friends, new thoughts, and new characters to share life with.

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