Nicole Boggs and the Reel

Nicole Boggs & The Reel are questioning everything. Rooted in three-part harmony and existential blues, they inject rock ‘n’ roll riffs and vindicated vocals into social commentary, holding a mirror to the absurdity of modern life.

Nicole Boggs (bass, lead vox), Alex Kramer (guitars, vox), and Sam Gyllenhaal (guitars, vox) bring drastically different personalities, philosophies and influences to the table. The songwriting team has crafted their sound by zeroing in on each other’s strengths and never shying away from hard conversations. They build common ground through the tension and release of creating together; they don’t settle until everyone is satisfied.

Growing up in musical families, they each walked solo musical paths before coming together for their first official band release, Scenes From Last Year in 2019. Dripping with razor-edged sarcasm, their hard-hitting follow-up EP None of Your Business dropped in the summer of 2020, in the depths of the first wave of Covid-19. Sincethen,  the group has been honing their collective sound behind the scenes, quietly and diligently working on their upcoming release, Dystopian Book Club.

This group of unusual suspects share a love for The Beatles, books, and cultural criticism. They delight in debating the meaning of words and hold the belief that the personal is political. They are always evolving, challenging each other and reflecting the world as they see it in hope that transparency will one day shift the digital tides.

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