Matthew Hale and the Sorrowed Sons

M. W. Hale, also known as Matthew Hale, is a singer/songwriter from Springfield, KY. He has spent the last three years playing at various bars and breweries throughout KY and NC. In that time, with help from his friends, bandmates, and an old Tascam, Matthew has released an album, Sorrowed Son, as well as a number of singles. Based in the musical influences of many Kentucky songwriters, Matthew's songs are stories that touch on everyday experiences. From learning life lessons after getting fired for the first time, to dealing with the loss of loved ones, and everything in between. His band, Matthew Hale and the Sorrowed Sons, recently recorded live tracks of their Christmas Show at Holsopple Brewery in Lyndon, KY, and they are set to release the album on June 2nd, 2023. Matthew and his friends are beyond excited, and cannot wait to be a part of PorchFest 2023.

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